Small Cabinets & Storage

Small Storage Cabinets, Cubbies, and Wood Boxes

Small cabinets fit in tight spaces or beside a bed or sofa with the additional advantage of providing storage.  Cubbies may contain storage baskets.  Wood boxes with lift tops can be used as coffee tables or toy chests.   A small cupboards or cubby can be used:

-As a TV stand or for video gaming storage or a bar in a family room.

-As a server or for dish storage in a dining room.
-As a sink basin or for linen and bathroom supplies in a bathroom.  
-As a place to keep detergent and softener in a laundry room.
-As a pantry or a microwave stand in a kitchen or mudroom.
-As a place for toys in a child’s bedroom or playroom.
-As office storage or a printer stand in a home office. 
-As a place to store books and to hold a lamp beside your bed in a bedroom. 

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